vulnerabilities in composer dependencies

ugh, composer.

There are 5 composer security advisories affecting our repositories.

twig/twig (CVE-2019-9942)

Sandbox Information Disclosure
Affected repositories (1)

twig/twig (CVE-2022-39261)

Possibility to load a template outside a configured directory when using the filesystem loader
Affected repositories (1)

phpseclib/phpseclib (CVE-2021-30130)

Improper Certificate Validation in phpseclib
Affected repositories (1)

phpmailer/phpmailer (CVE-2021-34551)

RCE affecting Windows hosts via UNC paths to translation files
Affected repositories (1)

phpmailer/phpmailer (CVE-2021-3603)

Untrusted code may be run from an overridden address validator
Affected repositories (1)
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